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13 things to consider to help you choose the best Internship

The main thing a student should ask when choosing an internship is what they are going to get out of that internship.

Type of Career you are interested in.

One main benefit of an internship is to help a student determine if they should indeed choose that specific career for themselves in future. It helps them see if they like the type of work and if they have the talents to pursue that career. Therefore students should choose internships that relates to a specific career they are interested in. For example, if one is interested to be a dentist, they should consider an internship in a dental office.

Potential financial benefits.

You may find several options for internships in a specific career type. The other thing to consider when choosing between the available options is the potential benefits those internships offer. Some internships offer more financial benefits than others. So if money is an important consideration for the students, for example to pay for living expenses, college and other expenses, then one may choose the internship that offers more financial benefits.

Learn things you will not learn in class.

Internships are beneficial because they help students get experiences and learn things that they may not learn in class. You get to meet new people and go to new places. So if you have a choice of internships to choose from, you may want to choose one that will provide a wider learning experience, for example on out of State, to help you experience life in another State and meet new people.

Responsibilities and freedom student is offered.

Some internships allow students to take more responsibilities and exercise more freedoms than others do. For example, you may want to be an intern for a politician who allows student interns to represent him/her at various events, help write and give speeches and participate in the creation of various bills than one who only allows interns to remain in the office and act as receptionists. The former will help you more in your career exposure if you are interested in politics and government.

Recommendations from past interns.

A student considering a choice of internships should also check responses from past interns. If past interns were satisfied with the internship experience and it helped them grow professionally, then the student may choose that particular internship as opposed to one that past interns thought was not so good. This information can be obtained from the internship administrator at the college.

Read Job description of the internship.

Reading the description of the internship is also important in finding out what the internship will be like. If you want to be a lawyer, you can read various description about internships offered by lawyers and see what exactly they are offering and then make a decision if that is something you want or not.

Talk to other students taking the internship.

There are many students who take internships and not bother to write a recommendation for others to read. So if you are interested in an internship, it would be advisable to talk to students currently taking that internship and hear what they have to say about it. If several of them like the experience they are getting, then it would help you in your decision to choose that internship.

Observation trips.

Some companies offer students a one day or more where they get to spend with an employee and observe their day to day routine. This is a great way for a student to observe and decide if they like what they see and will help them make an internship decision.

Flexible schedule.

Some internship offer a flexible schedule to help students attend to their other responsibilities like taking classes or participate in sports. If you need flexible schedule to attend to your other responsibilities, then you may want to choose an internship that offers a flexible schedule.

Possibility of full time employment after graduation.

Some companies offer students the possibility of full time employment after graduation while others don't. So if you are looking for potential employment after graduation, you may want to choose an internship with a company that offers that possibility.

Length of the internship.

Some companies offer short internship while others may offer internship for an extended period of time. So if a student want to gain more in depth experience by observing work in a professional setting, they may want to choose the company that offers extended internships.

Your qualifications for the internship.

Some internship require a student to have a certain grade point average. In that case, the student may have to choose internships that they are qualified for.

Costs and expenses of the internship.

Some internships may be expensive in terms of transportation, housing and other expenses. So a student may want to choose an internship that will not be too costly for them to do.