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How Colleges admit and recruit students, Financial Aid and Scholarships.

School Visits, Technology, Scholarships and financial aid, Diversity and Relationships.

The recent economic downturn has had great effect on students applying for college and also on how colleges use their resources and new technology to enable them reach out to as many prospective students as possible.

Students and parents are now more cautious in the college choices they make and admission officers are now having detailed discussion with students and families regarding financial aid options available. Colleges are also using the internet heavily to provide systemic support and information about all the financial aid and scholarships available to students.

Since the economy is improving, some colleges are seeing more applicants and are also increasing their visits to high schools to increase their applicant size and be able to select the best candidates for their student body.

There has also been a slight decline in transfer students from community colleges to 4 year colleges, most likely due to higher costs of the 4 year colleges. So many colleges are increasing scholarship funds available to transfer students to help the transition from community college to 4 year colleges.

Colleges are also reducing their costs of operations by using technology advancements like electronic receipt and processing of academic documents, creative use of self reported information to help in decision making and increase in self help online tools. Colleges are also using social media to disseminate information at low cost.

Many other colleges are also developing relationships with high school counselors and alumni to help them in their recruitment goals.

Colleges are also expanding access and support especially to low income students by involving the students whole family. They collect the parent's email addresses to help keep the parents involved and this has greatly increased the enrollment of low income students receiving Pell grants.

Diversity is very important to all colleges and they have specific officials designated to working with different and diverse groups of students. This includes working with Veterans, students from community colleges, LGBT students, income based and ethnic based diverse body of students.

Many colleges also partner with community based organizations and networks as well as prep schools and Charter schools. They are looking for students who will bring different experiences and talents to their colleges.

Some colleges are starting to connect with students earlier by doing some middle school programs and trying to enlighten young students about college at an early age. Staff members speak to students and parents about their colleges and also arrange trips to college to show students what life is like at a college and the application process.

Other colleges try to serve older students who enroll to undergraduate courses, improve transfers from community colleges and work with veterans enrolling into college for the first time.

More colleges are using more advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology that helps them collect all information about a student's record in one location. This information include transcripts, emails with the student, phone calls with the student and all other information necessary for successful recruitment of a student. This enables colleges to rapidly respond to thousands of students and track their progress.

Other advancements in the recruitment is communication to specific groups of people. Colleges can now send information to specific targeted groups like high school sophomores or seniors and send them message specific to that group. These messages are in more appealing formats and even more video is being used now.

Many colleges are now increasing the enrollment of Pell eligible students in an effort to the social economic conditions of their communities. They try to have personal interviews with the students to try to know them better. Some colleges are also getting rid of the personal academic statement and this has helped increase the number of applicants they receive.