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Housing for International Students:

Campus Apartments, Dormitories, Shared housing, Rent, Safety and more.

Housing is one of the major things an international student will have to deal with. Make sure to select housing that is suitable for your needs and ability to pay.

There are cases where some students run short of money, are unable to pay for rent and end up being evicted and homeless. This is a very dangerous situation and you should make sure never to find yourself in such a situation.

For some students, this will be their first time to live away from their parents home and the first time they will have to pay rent. While its great to live independently on your own, it is also an opportunity to be responsible for your life and live like an adult. Make sure to pay your rent promptly and keep your apartment in good condition.

There are different kinds of housing arrangements for International Students depending on their needs and financial capabilities. One can find apartments out-of-campus. These can be between one bedroom to four bedroom depending on your needs. If you get an apartment out of campus, make sure you have good transportation to college. If you don't have a car, be near a bus stop. Also make sure the apartment is in a safe location so you don't get mugged at night when coming home from college.

Most students however live within the campus. There are college apartment buildings where you can share rooms with other students. An apartment may have four bedrooms that you share with three other students, each person with his/her own bedroom but with shared living room, bathrooms and kitchen. This is ideal if you plan to be cooking your own meals. It is also good because you will share rooms with students from different countries and get to learn their culture and practices.

If you have enough money, you can take a one or two bedroom college apartment for yourself depending on your needs. These will however cost more.

The other form of housing in college is living in dormitories. A dormitory is a large building with many rooms, but with shared bathrooms, cooking areas and living areas. You can have hundreds of students living in the dormitory and there will be a lot of things happening in there. Many students have parties and play music, although they are not allowed to bother other people. Dormitories are fun places to live especially for young students.

The rule of thumb for housing is that you should pay your rent and bills promptly and keep the apartment clean and in good condition. Also try to live quietly without causing trouble for other people.