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Health issues for International Students:

High costs, Prevention, Health Insurance, Tropical Diseases, Weight, Stress, Dental, Eye care, Emergencies & more.

Most International students are young and healthy and don't have much to worry about their health. While there is not really much to worry about, sometimes people get sick or get accidents.

If you are unfortunate to require health care in a foreign country, especially in the US, you will soon discover that it is very expensive. Medical Bills often bankrupts many an unfortunate souls, even U.S. citizens, who have the misfortune of having a serious illness.

That should not scare you though. There is an ingenuous system that covers people from such life misfortunes. This is called Health insurance. Just like Car insurance, you pay premiums every month and if you get sick, the insurance company will pay for your treatment costs.

All international students are required to carry basic health insurance. This will cover for your hospital visits when you become ill or get an accident. You can have an optional dental and vision insurance, for additional cost. This will cover for your Dental and eye care.

When you come to your new college, you will get a health checkup to make sure you don't have any communicable diseases like tuberculosis and that you are current on vaccinations for tetanus, measles and other diseases. If you have such diseases, they will treat you and also vaccinate you if needed.

If you come from a Tropical Country where Malaria is prevalent, it's advisable to carry anti-malaria tablets in case you are carrying the disease with you. There are extremely few cases of malaria in the northern countries of Europe and America, so many doctors may not immediately recognize malaria symptoms.

The best thing to do about your health is make sure you don't get sick by getting regular preventive checkups at your school clinic. These checkups will be covered by your basic health insurance and you don't have to pay anything out of pocket.

Keep healthy by doing exercises, avoid eating too much, avoid stress and other unhealthy lifestyles like smoking and excessive drinking.

While Dental insurance is not mandatory for an international student, dental care is also expensive. Due to changes in diet in a foreign country, an international student may soon discover they have dental cavities. If you need dental treatment and don't have dental insurance, check with your colleges clinic for advise where to get cheap dental care. If your university has a dental school, or there is another dental school nearby, you may get lucky and get cheap treatment from students finishing their dental training. Dental students are required to find patients to treat as part of their training.

Eye care is usually not expensive and you can probably afford to pay for it out of pockets. Most people needing eye care just need eye glasses. You can find cheap eye care at big stores like Walmart.

Finally, if you have an emergency, you should call 911 and go to a hospital emergency room for immediate treatment whether you have insurance or not, whether you have money or not. By law, hospitals are required to treat everybody who comes to their emergency room. You can then arrange to pay your bill over time.