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Great Tips about Dorm life for new college student.

Here are the things you need to know as an incoming freshman about living in the Dorms. It will make your life much easier and help you make many friends.

Since you are a new person, you will need to introduce yourself to your Dorm mates and try to make some friends and acquaintances. Make an effort to talk to everyone in your hall. Also try to make friends with your Residence Assistant because they know everything about living in the dorm.

An additional step to help you meet new people, get a door stop and keep your door wedged open. You'll get some fresh air and people will stop by to say hello, which is always nice and you will get an opportunity to meet new people.

Keep your room tidy. It will be a nice place to come back to after a long days work and will be very relaxing. A tidy desk makes studying much easier. If you will not be cooking for many people, only bring one plate, one bowl, one cup, one fork, one spoon and one knife to college. Sounds strange but it's an easy way to make sure you won't be able to let dishes pile up.

Try to avoid very early morning classes, but if you cannot avoid them, you should shower the night before. You will sleep better at night and be able to attend classes early without scrambling to take a shower in the morning.

Mattresses are comfortable enough, but you may need to buy a foam topper for it if you want real comfort. This will help you sleep better, and good sleep is good for your health and ability to study and learn.

Get a desk lamp and bedside lamps. This will help you study at night even when your roommate wants to sleep. You will have light in your section without disturbing your roommate who is trying to sleep.

You will be doing your own laundry in college. So if you don't know how to do it, please have someone teach you before you go off to college. It is advisable not to bring to college your clothing that require to be washed delicately. It will be a hassle washing these clothes in a laundry room full of other impatient students.

Make sure to take advantage of your school's counseling centers if you're feeling homesick, anxious, depressed, or stressed out. They're usually free and can be really helpful. It's not embarrassing or shameful. You should also find out where your school's health center is in case you get sick. Diseases can spread really quickly in dorms, so it's good to know where to get treatment.

Try not to stick things to drywall with Command strips because they tend to rip paint off the walls when you try to remove them. This will cause damages and you could be charged for it by the college. An alternative is to use thumbtacks instead.

You can eat in the college dining hall but there are also many other cheap and student-friendly restaurants just off campus where you can eat a variety of good healthy foods. It would not hurt to try them if college food gets boring. Make sure to keep leftovers in your fridge so they don't go bad.

While in your room, try to have basic "helpful supplies" in case anyone asks for them. Things like duct tape, basic tools, safety pins, needle and thread and basic medical supplies. You can easily make many friends just by being the only one on the floor who was there to offer help.

If you don't have a loft or a top bunk, always make your bed. There is limited seating in a dorm room, so people will usually sit on your bed. So it's better they sit on the covers or blanket instead of them sitting on your sheets. You can even have a second blanket to cover your bed in case someone spills anything, then it will not mess your whole bed.

If your college has any reputation as a party school and you don't want to party, try to get a room on an honors floor. The honors floor usually has kids who don't party a lot and you will get to avoid possible fines for damages caused by things like vomit, blood, urine, and vandalism, all caused by the partying students in other floors.

Bring Food that you like that may not be available in college. This will help you not miss the food you like and you may even make friends by offering such exotic foods like Chapati which not many people have heard about.

Try as many things as possible and get a varied experience in them. But don't overdo it. Just do what you feel comfortable doing and don't be pressured into doing things that you are really uncomfortable about. Go swim with some people, go to a drag show, try partying with some buddies etc, but be smart about it. Experiences are the best part of college, try as much as you can without ruining our life.

If you do decide to drink, learn your limit early. Don't be that Freshman who goes to a party and drinks too much that he gets Alcohol poisoning and can't even walk back to his dorm room.

Whenever you see Campus Security, say hi to them. You have no idea how helpful they can be if they see you're a good kid. They will tell you their patrol times and their routes and will give you more warnings than others.

Go to every single class. Don't miss any if you are not sick or have some other emergency. There is no negative to going to class 99% of the time. Attending classes helps a lot. It helps you understand much more than reading a book alone.

Don't be a bad roommate. That sounds basic, but putting in a little effort to be a good roommate will make your life dramatically easier.

Get to know the housekeeping ladies and guys0 They're often friendly, and if you're nice to them, they'll help you out so much in keeping your room clean and tidy and also giving you tips on where to find things.