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Beware Free Credit Score sites may not be free.

May charge subscription fees if you don't cancel free trial periods, others offer other paid services.

Many websites advertise themselves as being free sites where you can get your credit score and FICO score for free. While some of them are free to some extent, they are not completely free and they may end up costing you a bunch if you are not careful.

An example is the which advertises as being a free site where you can get your credit score for free, once per year.

To use this site, you have to log in and give your billing information like check card or credit card . Then they give you a free PLUS Score while offering you a Trial Subscription to a Credit Monitoring Service.

If you accept, they will give you your Credit Score or PLUS score for free but then you have up to seven days for the trial period to end. If you don't cancel your subscription before the end of seven days, then you will start being charged up to $15.00 per month for subscription.

Once the charges start, it may sometimes be difficult to cancel the subscription and they will put you through many hoops before you are able to cancel. So be careful before accepting any free offers and if you do, make sure to cancel the Free trial subscription before the seven day period is over.

Sites like Credit. com can give you a free estimate of your FICO Score and PLUS Score. They will charge for more detailed information about your scores. is another site where you can get your FICO Score. This charges an outright fee of $20.00 hence you will need to determine if you want your FICO score enough to pay that fee.

In general, most of the sites that offer free services will have other ways to charge you for services, so you need to be careful before accepting free offers and check what the fine print is.