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Financial Aid for International Students:

Research & Teaching Assistantships, Aid Applications Tips, Aid from Private Organizations, Aid from Government, Colleges offering financial Aid and more.

Are you an International Student worried about paying for your college? Are you terrified you will be kicked out of college due to lack of funds and then end up going back home without your degree? Donít worry. There are many ways an international student can get financial aid to pay for college.

If you are a graduate student, itís possible to get a research assistantship or a teaching assistantship.

A teaching assistantship is where you teach freshmen students subjects that you are familiar with. A research assistantship is where you help professors in their research duties. In both of these, youíll be eligible for in-state tuition, hence cutting your tuition costs by half. You will also be paid a stipend to help you pay your other expenses.

There is also financial aid money in many colleges that International students are eligible for. Youíll have to apply and explain why you need the financial aid when you originally promised to have full financial backing when you applied for college. Youíll also be asked to explain what youíll do if you donít get the scholarship.

Possible good answers why you need the scholarship can be job loss, death or sickness of your sponsor or other unforeseeable events. As for what youíll do if you donít get the financial aid, a good answer can be that youíll apply for ďfinancial hardship work permitĒ and work off-campus to pay your tuition. Make sure to show interest at remaining in college. Never say that you intend to drop out of college.

An international student can also seek financial aid from organizations in their home country. Most of these will pay for your college but may require you go back home to work for them for a certain number of years. This is usually a binding contract and youíll not be allowed to remain in the foreign country when you finish your studies. Therefore if your goal is to go back home after college, this kind of financial aid would be ideal. If not, this will not be suitable.

You can also apply for competitive financial aid from international organizations like the United Nations, the Organization of American States, AMIDEAST, the International Maritime Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the League of Red Cross Societies, the Soros Foundation, the World Health Organization, the World Council of Churches and the Fulbright scholarships. Visit their websites and check what their requirements are.

There is also financial Aid from the US government for international students from specific countries. You can find this information from your countryís embassy website or from the US Department of State, Bureau of Education..

Here is a list of colleges offering financial aid to international students.. They are arranged by state.