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Why high Achieving High School students often fail to do well in College..

Self discipline is a big factor in determining who fails and who succeeds.

Many people are surprised when high achieving high school students head off to college and then fail to succeed in spite of them being very intellectually capable. Therefore Academic ability is not the only thing that determines success in college but there is also the element of discipline and self control.

When a talented freshman comes to college and sees his GPA drop, this can be a shocking thing to them and others who knew them. There are several reasons attributed to this issue such as Lack of preparation, Poor time management, and low motivation.

A students GPA is important because it is often used as a qualification for the students to receive scholarships and also to ensure that the students is not placed on academic probation if their GPA goes so low.

GPA is also important when looking or a job because most employers screen potential employees on their GPA in college.

The other importance of GPA is that students grade their self worth. A drop in a students GPA can be detrimental to their confidence and can lead to them switching from the more challenging classes.

Research shows that a studentís GPA in college can be related to their academic ability, a students self confidence, motivation, leadership experiences and gender.

Performance is also related to the reasons a student chose to study the field they are enrolled in. For example if someone chose to study a course due to expected financial rewards and then found out that job market has changed and that Major does not pay a lot any more, this can affect their GPA negatively. However people who are genuinely interested in the field of study are able to keep their GPA high.

A students self control is another important factor to determine their success, health and well being in college. Conversely, lack of self control has been shown to lead to more crime by students.

Students who have more self control perform better academically because they are able to make appropriate choices like studying and making sure that emotional distractions donít affect their focus.

Self control is defined as voluntary self governance with the aim of achieving goals and standards that one values personally. On the other hand, people who lack self control are viewed as being more concerned with easy gratification and likely to engage in risky behavior to gratify themselves and lacking in diligence and persistence.

It has been found that a lack of self control in high school as measured by illegal and irresponsible behavior was predictive that a studentís GPA will drop in their first semester in college. This may be because students who had bad behavior in high school tended to do more of the same behavior in college where there was more freedom and temptation.

Students with no self control also did not finish their homework as required and this impacted their GPA.

So the more a student exercises self control, stays away from illegal behavior and drugs and finishes their homework, the higher the chances that they will retain a higher GPA in the first and subsequent semesters in college.