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How to not get cheated on your home insurance claims.

By Reviewing your policy, hire Adjuster, Keep records, photos and getting them to pay for non-covered damages caused by covered damage.

Most homeowners have insurance coverage for their homes and they rest easy with the knowledge that they will be covered if their house is damaged by disasters like floods, fires and other accidents.

However, many homeowners come to realize that when they try to claim money from their insurance for damage to their homes, the insurance and their adjusters often try to underpay them and or even delay or completely deny coverage for things that should have been covered.

The insurance companies get away with this because most homeowners donít want to waste too much time fighting with the insurance company and many also donít have much knowledge about their rights and coverage.

But there are some things a homeowner can do so as to not get cheated by their insurance company. When there is damage to their home, they should hire a Certified Adjuster of their own to estimate the cost of repair for the damage. They should not work with the insurance company adjuster alone because they may get cheated.

Also make sure to keep copies of all receipts and estimates from your adjuster so you have a complete record of all the damage and its cost.

You also need to Review your policy carefully before a disaster happens to that you know exactly what the insurance is covering. Also review the policy after the disaster before filing a claim so you know exactly what you are being covered for.

It is also helpful to take Pictures or Videos of your home before disaster strikes. If for example there is a forecast for a storm. Take pictures of the insides and outside your home so that if the storm damages your home, you will take pictures after the damage and show the insurance. This is so they donít say that there was existing damage before the storm.

Sometimes the insurance takes too long before they repair the damage. So you can go ahead and repair some things that you can like doors and windows and keep a good record of all repair and costs. Also have pictures. This will prevent the insurance companies from saying that you waited too long before fixing the damage and that there was extra damage due to your negligence.

If your insurance says that some damage is not covered and other damage is covered, you may be able to have them pay for the uncovered damage if it was caused by the covered damage. For example, if the insurance does not cover water damage to floor, but covers roof damage, you can say that the water damage to floor was caused by the roof damage, hence they will be required to cover it.