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International Student Departure Preparations

Departure to your new college for International student

Congratulations prospective International Student. You have finished the process of finding a college, applying, getting admitted, getting a visa and are finally ready to travel abroad to the college of their dreams.

What if something happenned to prevents you from going to your new college? That would be a heart breaking situation. However, it's not uncommon for a prospective international student to be unable to travel to his new college.

After all your hard work, make sure you actually complete your mission and travel abroad to pursue your dreams. Getting a visa and travelling abroad is a goal that many people don't achieve. So naturally, while there are some people happy for you, there are also others that are jealous and would be happy if your dreams were thwarted.

The First thing to do after getting your visa is check to ensure everything is accurate. Verify that your names, date of birth and picture are correct. You don't want to wait for the departure day only to discover a mistake in your visa that will stop you from travelling.

If everything in the visa is accurate, you need to keep your visa in a very safe place. Make sure it's safe from theft and damage. Some people will steal a valid visa and try to impersonate the true owner and travel with it. They can also sell it for lots of money.

Also, remain discreet and let only the people you trust know about your plans. You never know who is jealous about you that would plan to sabotage your dreams.

Make sure to remain out of trouble too. You don't want to be arrested and in jail the day you are supposed to travel. The authorities can confiscate your visa to prevent you from leaving if you get in trouble with the law.

Book for a plane ticket in advance to get the best airfare rates. You will need to show your passport and visa to the airline before you can book a plane ticket.

Finally, take care of all your other affairs before the day of departure. The departure day is both a happy and sad day for your family. They are happy to see you leave to pursue your dreams but also sad to see you leave them. Tell them you will try your best to succeed in your dreams and will keep in contact by phone and email.

If you've never travelled by air before, ask the airline to have people at the transit airports assist you find your way so you don't miss your flight connections.