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Are you an International student in a foreign country, feeling a little homesick? Is it a weekend or evening, you have nothing to do and have no friends to share your time or chat with and feeling lonely?

This happens to many international students and many end up feeling depressed, longing to see their family, friends and familiar places at home. Unfortunately, one cannot always visit home because it's very far and would be very expensive to travel.

However, an international student need not be lonely. As the saying goes, the world has become a "global village". We are all inter-connected and you can find people of many cultures whom you can socialize with. This is especially true in the United States where you will find people from all over the world.

If you are longing to socialize with people from your home country, it's very easy to find them. Most likely, there will be other international students from your home country in your college. You can find them at International students organizations or clubs in your college.

You can also find other non-student immigrants from your country near your college. One way to find them is to ask around, look for organizations from your home country or search fo people on Facebook.

Churches, mosques, temples and other places of worship are good places to find people from your home country. Do a Google search of all churches around your town, that immigrants from your home country attend. An example Google search is "Kenyan churches in Minneapolis". When you locate some, attend their services and you will meet many people from your home country there.

Volunteer activities are other places you are bound to meet people from your country. Search for volunteer activities that help immigrant people, volunteer to help and while offering your services, you will may meet people who will have information about immigrants from your country.

School clubs are other places you are likely to meet different people in your college. Look for different clubs where international students are likely to attend and you will meet people there too. The same applies to sports activities.

You don't have to be lonely or bored as an international student. There are many fun activities to do and many people to meet who can provide you with a sense of community.