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Community Colleges as an Alternative to 4-year Colleges.

In terms of costs, career opportunities and ability to transfer to 4 year colleges.

There has been a feeling that the high cost of 4 year colleges may not be worth the money it cost. However we need to consider Community colleges as a way to address that concern because they account for over 40% of all first time college students and undergraduates.

Some people think that since higher education is mostly government subsidized and the public is very committed to the idea of having a bachelors degree as a means to success, that this leads to over enrollment to colleges and hence lead to ineffective use of public money since a bachelors degree may not turn out to be worth the cost anyway.

Community colleges address these concerns in several ways. First, they are available to most freshmen students and the credits earned in a community college are transferable to 4 year colleges. Second they are lower cost compared to the 4 year colleges.

Community colleges curricula is also focused market placed driven career and vocational training like nursing, mechanics, electronics, information technology etc. These career training give students an improved chance of finding employment in their vocation.

Community colleges are also typically two year colleges which means that a student spends less time in college hence will spend less money in tuition, fees and expenses compared to 4 year colleges.

The average tuition cost of a community college is less than $3000 while cost of a 4 year college is about $8,000. There are numerous community colleges in the country which means they are at a reasonable driving distance from every student. This means that most students will live at home while attending college, reducing their costs even further.

Community colleges costs are further reduced because the faculty typically teach more courses as compared to faculty in the 4 year colleges. The adoption of online learning has also increased the cost efficiency of delivering education and community colleges have a higher proportion of classes taught online compared to 4 year colleges.

Recent studies have shown that some occupations pay a lot less than others. For example, people with Engineering degrees will earn more than people with education majors like psychology and counseling. Therefore if a student is interested in the majors that are not going to earn them lots of money, they better attend community college so the education does not cost them a lot of money.

Even for students who want to earn a 4 year degree, it is advisable to attend a community college for the first two years of your college and then transfer to a 4 year college. This will save you a lot of money and debt.

Many jobs emerging recently are more technically oriented and may not necessarily need a bachelors degree. Therefore it also makes sense to attend Community college because that's where the job skills you need are taught.