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Why Transfer Students from community college fail to apply for Financial Aid.

Complicated process, want to work and pay, unsure of eligibility, and more.

Many low income students attend community colleges which are lower costs. Many of them then transfer to 4 year colleges to finish a 4 year degree but they fail to apply for financial aid they are eligible for. This happens for various reasons and it is very important for college counselors to provide accurate financial aid information to these students.

It is estimated that over one million community college students failed to receive the financial aid they are eligible for. This is a big problem because Community colleges enroll about half of all US undergraduate students and a majority of them are from low income households.

So it is important to have a better way to provide financial aid information to these students if they are to be successful in completing their college education. Community college counselors advising students about applying to 4 year colleges need to give information about financial aid available to the student too.

Financial aid is very important in determining a studentís ability to complete college because college costs are going up and low income families are having to contribute a higher amount for their children.

The issue of concern is that Community college students are less likely to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), compared to 4-year college students. Some of the reasons students give for this is that financial aid forms are too complicated, that they would rather work full time and pay for college than apply for financial aid and that they donít want to go into debt. Some of them are also not sure if they will qualify for financial aid because they think their parents make lots of money.

Many students from Community colleges are able to hold a job and pay for college due to its lower cost and hence feel they donít need to apply for financial aid. This is understandable but it also means they they will take a long time before graduating because they have to hold a job and study at the same time. They can also fail their courses due to not having enough time to study. There is also a high drop out rate for students who work more than 20 hours a week.

Since access to financial aid is a key predictor to students attending and completing college, it is therefore very important that students are given good counseling and comprehensive information about financial aid options available to them and also encouraged to apply for financial aid.