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How Colleges develop employable Graduates.

By Active learning, Career research, self discovery and building relationships.

Colleges are under pressure to produce more skilled and employable graduates. This has led to the call for more extra-curricular employability opportunities as part of the college degree experience.

Active learning is of the things one needs to do to develop more employable skills. This is when students take initiative to learn things on their own and are given time and opportunity to do so while accommodating the demands of their daily lives.

In this way, students become more active as career researchers, where they test and feel the careers that fits them instead of just being passive recipients of career information.

Therefore instead of the student being just interested in getting a degree or certificate, they get more interested in developing themselves and their skills as an individual.

Building a strong relationship between college career services and students and have students experience learning on a personal level is vital for the development of the student's skills and future success.

This relationship will also help students improve their personal career planning on their own.