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Is college still worth it ?

Considering the ever increasing costs and the fact that a college degree is no longer a ticket to getting into the middle class.

In spite of the ever increasing college costs, for most people, it is still worth it because college graduates will make more money (about 1 million more) than non college graduates. People with advanced degrees also make a lot more.

So although the value of college is clear for all to see, and the demand for college educated workers is increasing, one has to decide what type of college to attend and what courses to take to make is worth the while.

College tuition has grown faster than peoples incomes and many are beginning to ask what is making these tuition fees to increase so much. A lot of colleges spend their tuition, not on academic costs, but also on other things like hiring administrative staff and building lavish facilities.

Professors Tenure, the promise of lifetime employment even when many professors are spending less time actually teaching is another issue that is being viewed as inefficient and costing Education Institutions money. Many colleges are also having students taught by non faculty members who are lowly paid and hence this may decrease the quality of education while supporting tenured faculty who don't have a high teaching load.

Therefore students are beginning to question whether what they are learning is worth it and if it will help them get good employment after graduation.

While people may question the issue of quality education, there are also other aspects of college that are valuable. Students are able to network with other students who may end up helping them create businesses and giving good ideas.

Creative intelligence and ability to learn and communicate and a good work ethic are vital characteristics desired by many employers. So when a student is able to persist through 4 years of college, it demonstrates that they may have a good work ethic.

However in the end, the cost of college is a huge determinant as to whether a student attends a particular college or not. Although some high cost colleges have lots of need based financial aid which enables low income students to attend at almost no cost, not many low income students are able to get this opportunity.

They have to choose a lower cost college or not go at all.