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College success secret. Know your professors.

Secrets to succeeding in college is getting to know your professors one on one. One way to do this is to utilize their office hours when they are available to talk to students.

One of the least known secrets to success in college is to make sure you attend your professors office hours to ask for advice and other information about the classes you are taking and your career in general.

Most professors in college have designated office hours when they are in their office and ready to listen to their students. Most students don't use this time to get to know their professors and while this may not hurt their grade or college life, they end up missing many opportunities.

Many students are intimidated by going to see their professor's one on one thinking the professor may think the student's questions are stupid. The professors will never think that way because their job is to enlighten their students. They actually like the students who come to see them more.

While talking to your professor in their office, you will get to learn a lot about communicating with other adults. First, if you attend your professors office hours to talk to them, you will find that you have a lot of time with them because there will be few other students taking this opportunity. The professor gets to know you personally on your first name basis.

The professor will be able to help you with your college work, show you a few tips and tricks that other students may not know and generally get to know you better so that when you ask for a letter of recommendation from them later, they will be able to do it with great knowledge about you and will write specific good information about you. This will help you get new opportunities like internships and jobs easier.

For students who want to do advanced studies like PHD, knowing your professors personally can be of great benefit. A lot of companies sponsor PHD students in specific fields that they are involved in and a lot of professors have firsthand knowledge about these companies and their sponsorship programs. So it will be more likely that your professor will give you that information if they know you personally and if you have taken time to speak to them on a one to one basis.

It is also easier to get internships, including paid internships through your college. College professors know what companies offer internships and they will be able to give you this information if you talk to them one on one in their office hours.

Most professors also have a good predisposition to the students who make an effort to see them because the students show that they are willing to put extra effort to succeed. Professors like such students and are willing to help them in many ways that they would not help other students who don't show a willingness to put more effort to succeed.

If you are nervous to talk to your professor and feel like you don't know how to introduce yourself the first time, you can just walk in and say something like "I just want to get an idea of what we should get out of the course as a whole. Having an overall idea of the goal helps me to understand all of the material." You can also just say "Hi, I'm [your name]. I just want to introduce myself because I do that for all of my classes."

Then after you introduce yourself, you can ask questions about your classes, about the subject, ask for advice about some aspect of your college life, ask for their experience in something. Ask and show some interest in how they got their job, what they studied, how they got where they were today, if they've worked in industry. Talk to them about your interests and plans and ask their input.

You can also ask for suggestions for the future in terms of where you should be interning, what scholarships to point you at, and what jobs or next steps might interest you in the future.