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Mental health issues for college students.

Depression, Anxiety, Discrimination, Acculturation and other health issues.

Mental health of students in college is becoming a very serious issue. Lately, we have been hearing of students involved in mass shootings and killing many people. There is usually an aspect of mental health issue affecting the perpetrator of such violence.

Some of the perpetrators have a history of anxiety, depression and some being victims of sexual assault in the past. So there is need to offer more mental health services in colleges to all students.

A lot of students are also involved in drug and alcohol abuse and this is either a result of past mental issues or can cause mental health issues itself. Many students dropped out of college due to alcohol abuse disorders.

Some of the causes of mental health issues among students is depression that is related to students feeling discriminated against, difficulties with Acculturation of international students, Excessive Alcohol use, ethnic identity, health, trauma, and emerging adulthood.

With increased diversity in colleges, researchers are studying how personal and cultural identity is affecting the mental wellbeing of students.

Many students have a feeling of invulnerability like most young people feel and this also contributed to their engaging in risky healthy behaviors like promiscuity, alcohol and drug use and this contributed to the deteriorating mental health status.

Students who have better parental support and acceptance are more likely to go through college without any mental health issues.

For many students, cultural identity was important to them and they had feelings about belonging to any particular ethnic group. However the promotion of the fact that they are American first and then members of an ethnic group second helped create a sense of belonging and help reduce mental health issues caused by feeling excluded.

Therefore it was found that many students are dealing with a variety of issues that are causing them stress and anxiety and it is recommended that colleges have counselors to help students with their psychological issues.