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Early college high school initiative for underrepresented students.

Help them study and qualify for college credits in high school.

Jobs for the Future is a national organization that helps create pathways to help high school students be ready for college and also ready for career advancement. They help the underprivileged students get a college education quickly and inexpensively.

The Early college high school initiative helps students to study and earn credits for their high school diploma while earning credits for college.

The students take rigorous classes that help them complete high school and also earn credits towards their college degree.

The organization has helped redesign over 300 schools in all states and are designed to help low income youth, first generation college goers, those learning the English language and students of color.

Many of these students are able to immerse into college classes, interact with professors and prepare for high skill careers.

Most students in this program qualify for free lunch and about half of them are of Hispanic origin and are first in their families to attend college. This programs demystifies the concept of college for these students and inspires them to work hard.

This program has led to improved performance by high school students and there is a very high graduation rate for students participating in the program. They also help many students who are homeless and also ones with learning disabilities.

They have counselors and teachers who help students one on one and help them to develop on their own individual pace and solve their problems.

The Early college high school initiative has partnered many high schools with two and four year colleges and work together to help the students. This has also led to the improved quality of teachers as they are now encouraged to earn a Masters degree and be more qualified.