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How to Control College Costs in the United States.

Over the last 10 years, college costs have skyrocketed, increasing by 26% in private colleges, 47% in two year colleges and 66% in public four year colleges.

Funny thing is there is no justifiable reason why these costs are increasing this much, only because colleges feel they can increase the fees and no one can stop them. A college degree is such a necessity these days that most people will pay anything to get it. Colleges know that and they are charging a premium for it.

Many students have been shielded from these college cost increases by the availability of need based student aid, loans and Government subsidies. This assistance is helpful but it also transfers the cost to taxpayers and burdens the students with lots of debt.

Some colleges are also abusing student aid by providing sub standard education just so they can get student's money that comes as student aid.

The price of college keep increasing and colleges don't seem able to control it. Even when President Obama threatened to cut Government aid to colleges that don't control their prices, there was not much effect The press did not take much notice to highlight this problem of college price controls.

The Republican party is another obstacle to college cost controls. They had earlier proposed the same idea years ago but when President Obama and the democrats embraced it, they backed away from it.

The threat itself to withhold Government assistance is problematic. Most Federal assistance to colleges comes as Research Grants to Elite schools that do breakthrough research and there is reluctance to cut funding for research that may one day improve America's economic competitiveness.

Also withholding funding for students in the form of grants may punish the very people the Government is trying to help.

So the Government focused on a small part of student aid, including work-study grants, Perkins loans, and Supplemented Educational Opportunity Grants to make sure they are awarded to students in a more fair and efficient way.

So it looks like the issue of controlling college costs is not becoming successful and the President needs to form a movement encompassing the Media, the people and other institutions to help put pressure to reform college prices.