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College Advising Corps.

Where Recent College Graduates volunteer to Advise High School Students about College life.

Graduating college students are now working as advisors to high school students to help them with the ins and outs of applying for college. Programs like the Texas College Advising Corps is one of the programs doing this kind of work.

Many high school students don't get enough advise about choosing a college, how to pay for it, how to choose a major and many other things they need to complete college successfully. This is because there is very few guidance counselors in high schools with about one counselor per 350 students in most public high schools.

So the recent college graduate volunteers are helping fill this void by guiding high school students about how to choose and apply for college, about course selection and counsel them about personal issues and discipline.

The National College Advising Corps is an national organization where recent graduate sponsors visit many high schools and offer this guidance to the students. Many states are offering sponsorship and support for these programs and there is also money from federal Government through the College Access Challenge Grant which is distributed by the States.

Many states have similar programs for their States. These include the College Illinois Corps whose advisors work with all school districts in the State of Illinois.

While the graduate volunteer are not counselors themselves, they help students gain valuable insights and information about college life and how to go about applying to colleges, choosing majors and how to succeed in college.