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Children for International Students:

Daycare, Citizenship, Child abuse, School, Culture and more.

Most people like to start a family and have children. Children are beautiful and a gift from God to love and cherish. International students think about having children too.

However, there are many downsides for an international student having children while in a foreign country. Unless you have family around to help care for your child, it's very expensive to care for children in a foreign country.

As an international student, you must attend college and may most likely need to work. Therefore if you have a child, you will need childcare services to care for your child while you are in college or at work. Childcare is very expensive and few international students can afford it.

If however your child is born in some foreign countries, the child will become a citizen of the country they are born in. This is the case for the United States. In some European countries, the child becomes a permanent resident and has the right to apply for citizenship when he/she turns 18 years. This is however not the case in most Asian and African countries where citizenship is based on ethnicity.

In most countries, it is mandatory for children to attend school when they turn 5 years old. They must learn the predominant language in that country. In the US, that will be English. Therefore you must make sure your kids attend school and learn English.

There are several other things an international student needs to know if they are raising a child in a foreign country. In your home country, it may be allowed to discipline your kids by beating them. Beating a child is considered child abuse and is illegal in the US. So be careful not to get in trouble for something you may have taken as ordinary in your home country.

Some international students come from countries with a conservative culture where children are strictly raised and required to obey their parents at all times. In countries like the U.S, people emphasize personal freedom and if your child is attending school here, they will grow up with those values, which may be in conflict with your own values. You should therefore try to understand these differences so that you don't get into conflict with your child over his/her behavior. Try to be open minded and learn from your environment.

All in all, it's not advisable for an international student to have children while a student in a foreign country because it will take a lot of time, energy and money to take care of them, distracting you from your main goal of completing your studies.