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Benefits of library services for Children and young adults.

Better learning for young people and improved community connections.

Many libraries support reading and other activities for young children, teens and young adults. Therefore there is need to know how these programs benefits these young people and if there is a big response resulting in higher circulation of young peoples' material, higher attendance and more partnerships with the community.

There is also the issue of number staff and training for the library to support these activities. Research has found that there is higher participation in young peoples' services in libraries without too much investment in staffing and training.

Libraries have found that the best way to serve teens is to provide spaces specifically for them in the library which have good programs, books and opportunities for young people to share their views and experiences and learn from each other as well as from the library staff.

Libraries that have permanent staff to serve teens saw a higher increase in participation from young people and had increased attendance too. They also partnered with local schools, police, parks, retailers and other outlets.

The main purpose of the full time library staff was to interact and provide services and educational programs to the young people. They also helped the teens develop professionally by encouraging them to attend classes and participate in other learning activities.

Therefore it has been found that libraries with dedicated services for young people help these young people improve their education, lives and also help the community too.