international student life

international student

Challenges facing international Students in the United States and how colleges can help the students.

Financial, Cultural, Language and Social issues students deal with.

There are many international students in almost all colleges in the United States. They face many unique challenges like adapting to a new culture, English language problems, financial problems and not being understood by the broader community in the colleges.

Most international students come to the United States or other countries to learn about new cultures, about new ways of doing things, be able to deal with people of different cultures, learn new skills and get new opportunities in life.

Many International students are able to develop new outlook in life and gain confidence due to their interactions with new cultures. However they may sometimes end up feeling disappointed and even exploited after their university experience.

Students have unique problems like language problems, cultural issues, financial issues, feeling of social exclusion, homesickness, loss of social support and even racism.

Some students have trouble adjusting to a new culture, adjusting to a new academic experience that may be different to one from their home country, and also difficulties dealing with developments in their home countries like death in the family of upheavals in their home countries.

There are instances when international students are also exploited by the education institution by not providing equal opportunities and being financially exploited by the colleges.

Many students find themselves very lonely due to lack of familiar friends, social network and also lack of familiar cultural and language environment. A welcoming university and community environment and the number of friends a student has is very therefore important for their mental well being and success.

Proficiency in English is very important for the success of an international student both Academically and socially. So Universities have programs to teach English language proficiency to foreign students who may not be very good in English. Proficiency in spoken language is one of the most important things in determining the success of an international student.

The wider university community tolerance of foreign students is also vital for the success of International students. There should be no racism or religious discrimination in the surrounding community.

One of the biggest problems international students face is financial hardships. Most of them pay out of state tuition and many come from emerging countries and may not have a lot of money. Therefore financial support like availability of Student Assistantships, scholarships, financial aid and in campus job opportunities for international students is vital for their success.