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Career Choice for international students:

Help Choosing Career, Your Interests and Talents, Career Websites, General Courses, Advise from Career office & other sources, Work location and More.

Are you an international student starting college and have no idea what career you want to study for? You are not alone. There are many students in the same boat.

One purpose of college is to help students discover themselves and decide what courses they like to study. All American colleges allow international students to choose whatever courses they like and change them whenever they like.

As an international student, be true to yourself and consider your interests and talents when choosing a career path. Some people are talented in certain fields and naturally drawn to them. If you have a talent and love for something, please choose that career because thatís where you will be happiest and most successful.

Most international students have a good idea of what career choice they like and usually apply for colleges with those fields. Common career fields for international students include Engineering, Computer science, Law, business, medical careers and many more.

If you are undecided on what to study, check online career websites like,   and to help get an idea what different jobs requirements are all about. You can also seek advice from your collegeís career office.

If youíve started your college classes and are still not sure what career field you like, start by doing general courses in your first year. This will give you time to research and discover what you like.

Talk to your countrymen and women abroad and listen to their opinion about careers. This may help you decide what to do. Ultimately, you will have to decide what your goals and capabilities are to help in your personal career path.

Another thing to consider is whether you like to work in your host country or if you want to return your home country. Different countries have different opportunities in different fields; hence this should influence your career choice.

In the end, it is best to choose a career you like and not be overly influenced by money and other factors. Remember that you will do this job every day. So you need to enjoy it and be excited to get up every morning and go to work, not dread it.