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How to Recognize Career patterns to help Employees Plan Career.

Career Stages, Patterns and how companies can help employees.

It is well known that the basic responsibility for learning, growth and development lies with the individual and not with the company or the environment.

The career planning process helps an individual think about his career goals considering his education, experience, interests and abilities. So as an employer, you need to consider below characteristics of employees and their career categories when helping them in their career plans.

Here are some career categories.

At Ceiling

These are people who consider themselves to be at Ceiling i.e. they think they have reached the highest point they can reach and are either satisfied with where they are or are not confident they can do better. They are usually older or middle aged people or those with a certain job insecurity in them. They feel lucky to be where they are.

For these types of employees, it is best not to push them to reconsider their analysis. It's is not good to over promote someone who is not confident they can do the job. The best thing is to see how to make their current jobs easier and more productive.

Career Drift

Career drift can manifest itself in several ways. Like a person who changes major several times in college, changing jobs frequently or changing industries frequently. This type of person will not make a sustained effort to succeed in one thing.

These types of employees need guidance to find something that they can do best with their best talents and stick to it.

Early Burnout

Early burnout occurs when you have a talented person who succeeds so early in life and then later on feels like there is nothing else to do, or nothing else that keeps him interested.

People who have early burnout also need to find what they do best with their talents and stick to it.

Over his head

Over promotion can cause problems in an organization. This occurs when someone is promoted beyond their abilities. Symptoms exhibited by people who are over promoted include busyness, insecurity, resistance to change, indecision and sometimes ailments.

It's is hard to demote such people and they sometimes are fired or taken to another department.

Slow and Steady

These are usually the people who have been at a job for a long time and learned the in and out of it. Most successful companies have these types of managers and employees and they provide the best environment for success.

The hotshots.

These are the young people who are rapidly promoted to high positions. The reason behind the rise of the hotshots is because of the current emphasis on youth. But often you will find older people running things behind the scenes.

The rapid changes in technology has also helped the hotshots as companies seek to hire creative minds who are more in tune with technology and innovation.

Turning points in career development.

Career planning requires identifying and dealing with above career types and also understanding the turning points in career development.

Some of the turning points are as follows


A person natural talents and interests emerge in childhood and you may be able to recognize a child's characteristics that may lead to certain career types. You can recognize a child as a thinker, artist, introvert or extrovert etc and this can give a clue as to what they may be interested in.

Field of Study

A person choice of major is another career turning point. Some students know what they want to study while others may not. so it is advisable to take general courses in the first years of college so you can be sure what you want to do as a career.

First Job

Someone's first job can also give an indication of what they want to do. For example one may choose a technical career over a sales career. Employers can help by providing feedback to employees so they can be able to choose what they are good at.

Job Changes or promotions

After staying at your job for a while, you may either get promoted, quit or get fired. This is an indication of where your career is headed. A promotion means you are good at what you are doing while a change to another job means you may not be happy or good at what you do any more. All these are indications of where your career is headed.