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Enhancing Career Development for talented college students.

By career counseling and guidance in the first year of college.

Many exceptionally talented students are often unsure and undecided in the career choices they want to pursue. There are college programs that help these students choose an appropriate career.

Very talented college students often on scholarships are often unsure and undecided as to what careers to pursue. This is often because they must consider a wide range of career choices based on their interests and abilities. They also have to deal with the high expectations put on them and make a wise decision on what career type to spend their energy and time pursuing.

There are few programs in colleges aimed at helping very talented students identify and rate their interests and abilities, or bring them together to identify personal qualities, explore career options and share success stories.

Some colleges are now offering orientation courses for talented freshmen to assist them with career exploration with special attention given to one-on-one academic advising delivered by the course professor to the student.

These programs also help the gifted students, especially women , to raise their career aspirations. They also bring in the talented students together to discuss their concerns and share their feelings of loneliness that they usually have in common.

It is important that academically gifted be encouraged to keep their options open, explore many opportunities and observe role models. They should also consider future trends and emerging careers coming up every day due to high technological changes.

Therefore gifted students need career counseling as much as other students and parents should not push their talented children to make career choices early in life before they are able to explore the full opportunities available to them and those they have talents and interests to pursue.