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How Living in college encourages better leaning and Diversity.

by encouraging interaction with more students, being more intellectually interested and persisting in college more.

In the past, some college campuses grouped students in groups based on common interests. Others don't like such groupings because they want students to mix together and experience diversity and meet new people.

While in the past, many college students preferred to live off campus, today students are preferring to live on campus for various reasons. One of them is to save money with the increasing cost of college.

Another reason for this trend is because students want to mingle with other students of varied backgrounds and experience diversity.

living in college also helped the colleges themselves to integrate student lives with the learning environment. They aim to create an environment where things learnt in the classroom are able to be shared by the students in their living spaces and this helps the students adopt the teachings they get in the class more. When students are living in campus, there is a better environment for students to share and experiment with the ideas learned in classroom.

Living in college also gives students more opportunities to interact with other diverse people, have self development, be more self aware and learn to deal with other people. Many students value being loved, having affection and developing a personal identity.

Students who live in campus have more intellectual interests and are able to persist in college more than students living off campus.

However while there are advantages to living in campus, most students don't want classes to be incorporated in living spaces of professors offices to be located in the student halls. They like a clear separation of their living spaces from their teaching spaces.