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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Prevent disasters, Respond, Ensure business continuity, Data backup, Protect employees, customers and infrastructure, Insurance and Consultants.

All businesses should have a Business continuity Plan of how it will continue to operate when faced by interruption caused by natural disasters like fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes and man-made disasters like terrorism, war.

A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuation plan should have three objectives

   Prevent disasters from happening.
   Provide an organized response to a disaster.
   Ensure business continuity until normal business operations resume.

Business continuity and disaster recovery industry has grown to help protect strategic assets like buildings, telecom and network systems and other infrastructure as well as important data like contracts, deeds, check ledgers, credit records etc.

Many businesses have bought Business insurance policies to cover potential losses due to a disaster. They also have set procedures for Disaster Response, the critical actions they take immediately after a disaster and Disaster Recovery which is procedures for maintaining and restoring operations.

The process of developing a business continuity plan includes starting with Risk Assessment where major vulnerabilities are identified such as computer networks and equipment.

They then have to establish Business continuity goals and objectives such as preventing potential disasters, ensuring staff and customer safety in the event of disaster, protecting data through backup systems and network redundancy.

After the plan is developed, then all employees need to be made aware of it and know what to do in case of a disaster.

One can also hire Consultants to help with business continuity planning. Other organizations that help with disaster planning include businesses that offer business continuity products and services, Government agencies like Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other Associations like the Business Continuity Planners Association, the Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) and DRI International.

Other Companies that are industry leaders in Business Continuity and Disaster recovery include:

  SunGuard Data Systems.
  International Business Machines (IBM).
  AT & T.
  Gartner Inc.
  HP Enterprises.
  based Ernst & Young L.L.P