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Why Black Women are more successful in Academia than black men.

Higher high school completion rates, higher college enrollment, Timely college completion, higher labor participation rates and less barriers to employment.

Recent studies have shown that black women succeed more in Academic world than their male counterparts. More black women are able to attain Masters and Doctorate Degrees and are able to find work in Academia as faculty and Administrators. They also seem to face less barriers than black men.

Blacks people in the USA as a whole have made huge strides in attending college and it is estimated that the proportion of black people attending college is higher than the proportion of Whites attending college in comparison to their total population.

This higher rate of attendance is due to the concerted efforts by black people to overcome their historical disadvantaged position and attain Middle Class status and its resulting ability to accumulate wealth.

However, the odds of attending college are still better for black women as compared to black men. Black females also complete their college degrees at an increasing higher rate than black males.

Black females used to dominate in the service sectors like hospitality, health, human services and education and due to their increased college attendance have started getting into the once male dominated fields like law, Engineering, Medicine and Management. Black women earn twice as many academic degrees as black men, be they Associate, Bachelors or professional and doctorate degrees.

This advantage held by black women compared to black men is partly due to their higher high school graduation rates, higher college entrance and completion rates, completing college in a timely manner than their male counterparts and sometimes due to the high numbers of black men in jails. They also have a higher participation in the labor force than black men.

Black men also delay their entrance into college and this has a negative effect on their achievement rates.

In terms of earning power, black women earned as much as black men with similar academic qualifications. But given that more black women attain higher education than black men, it means that on average, black women will out earn black men.

Black women who attain Doctorate Degrees are also more able to get Tenure Track employment in colleges around the country. The barriers to their employment and retention have been reducing over the years and they are getting ahead at a faster rate than black men.