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Beware of fake online Universities.

Many for profit online universities are not accredited and will give you fake degrees. Here is how to check accreditation before attending an online university.

Many students wish to get their education online. It is convenient and usually cheaper than the traditional colleges and universities. While there are many legitimate and accredited colleges that offer good online programs, there are many other online colleges that are not accredited and do not offer legitimate qualifications

Recently a popular online university is under investigation from the federal Government for targeting military veterans with promises of online degrees that are not legitimate or accredited.

The trigger for the investigation is because this for profit online college was making millions of dollars from military veterans on GI funding and not providing them with good career education that would lead to a good job to enable the veterans repay the government school loans

How to tell if an online degree is accredited.

Accreditation is important because it enables you be able to transfer your credits and also is easier to get jobs when you finish school.

Before you enroll to an online degree program, make sure to call the college and ask them to provide proof that their online programs are accredited.

Also make sure that the accrediting agency is legitimate and recognized either by the "Council for Higher education accreditation ( or by the "U.S. Department of Education ("

You can also check for a list of legitimate accrediting organizations here.

State universities and non-profit private universities are usually accredited and courses taken from these universities are transferable to other universities and colleges.

If you are thinking of enrolling to an online degree college, please check if they are accredited by above accrediting organizations. Also check this link from the US Dept of Education to learn more about the legitimate accrediting organizations: