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Benefits of internships to Students, Colleges, Employers and their Communities.

We all know that internship are beneficial to the students and the companies that hire them. Internships are also beneficial to colleges and their communities because they inspired students to start their own businesses, they made colleges have a stronger connection to their communities by sending their students to work in the community and the Colleges reputations increased in the community.

Almost all colleges offer some internship opportunity to their students. An intern is someone working in with an emphasis on education rather than employment.

The many benefits of internships to students include:

   Higher starting salaries,
   Higher job satisfaction,
   More job offers on graduation,
   Better development of communication skills,
   Better career preparation,
   Better job related skills,
   Improved creating thinking.
   Better job interviewing skills and
   Better job networking opportunities

Employers benefit from offering internships in the following ways:

   Get the first choice on best students and future employees.
   They get to make better hiring decisions.
   They get exposed to new ideas from students and colleges.
   They create a networking relationship with colleges.
   And receive part time help.

Colleges and universities also benefit from internship in the following ways:

   They get improved reputation hence improved student recruiting.
   They get new scholarships and other types of funding.
   Network with local communities.
   Get to make assessment of their curriculum to fit their communities.
   Create economic development as students open more businesses.
  Use Internship programs as a recruiting tool to get smarter students.
   Colleges feel a greater connection with their communities.
  Internships help their students to be hired more by local businesses.

These advantages show that internships are beneficial to students, colleges, businesses and the community at large and should be encouraged.