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Benefits of going to Community College.

Community college is less costly, can help you do your general credits for far cheaper, can transfer to a 4-year college and get same education for less.

For a lot of people, there are a lot of benefits to attending Community College as opposed to a 4-year university. This is especially so for people who want to learn a trade and get a skilled job immediately, then community college is a very good choice.

One of the biggest benefits of community college as opposed to a 4-year degree is the cost. All community colleges are a lot cheaper than 4-year degree colleges and many students from 4-year colleges graduate, only to discover that their job prospects are similar to Community college graduates, but they are carrying way more student load debt than the Community college graduates.

Many students who start their first two years in community college and then transfer to complete their degree in a 4-year college also save a lot of money. A lot of community college classes are transferable to a 4-year degree college, hence this would be a very good path to follow if you want to save on college costs.

There is the prevalent stigma against community colleges, that they are for people who are not smart enough to be admitted to 4-year degree colleges and universities, but this is completely unfounded. Many professors admit that students transferring from community colleges to 4-year colleges are as good as those who went straight from high school to community college.

There are also many 4-year college professors who teach part time at community colleges, so the community college students would be getting similar education to the students in the 4-year college since they are being taught by the same professors.

In California and other states, they have the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program where students from select community colleges that meet specific criteria are guaranteed to be able to transfer to 4-year colleges and universities in that state.

If you're qualified academically, you can save a lot of money with scholarships at Community Colleges. Getting a scholarship through community college is much easier than in a 4-year college. The competition is much less because there are people applying for the same school specific scholarships. This is in addition to the already cheaper tuition at Community College.

There are some people who can complete their entire Associate 2-year Degree in community college and it cost them only $3,000 in tuition. This is after getting merit based scholarships and they don' even need to qualify for financial aid. Had they gone to a 4-year college straight from high school, it would have cost them about $20,000 in tuition alone and another $20,000 in room and board for their degree. So the savings in Community college are huge.

One difference in community colleges is that students don't live in the dorms in college. So you need to live nearby so you can commute or drive to college every day. Or one can rent a room near the school.

For people planning to start at a community college and eventually go to 4-year colleges to complete their degree, make sure that the credits in your community college are transferable to the 4-year college you want to attend eventually. You can do this by simply calling or going to the 4-year college and asking an advisor if the credits are transferable.

You should check all the classes that are usually general education credits at the 4-year universities and take as many of those classes as possible in Community college and then transfer to the 4-year university.