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Making University Affordable in Australia.

Using HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, AuStudy, Youth Allowance, AbStudy and other cost saving measures.

The cost of university in Australia is rising every year. Tuition, text books, living places and other expenses like food and engaging in social life are rising all the time.

In the past, there was a national priority to teach Science and Math and these subjects had the lowest Tuition Cost. However the cost of tuition for these courses are rising too and students have to pay tuition directly to the universities. Fees for domestic students also tend to rise by about 7% every year.


The Australian Government however offers a Student loan program called HECS-HELP that can help pay for a student's tuition if they have a Commonwealth supported position in college.

If you are employed in an area related to your field of study for natural and physical sciences students, you can also have your loan repayment reduced.


For full fee paying students, the Australian Government has a loan scheme called FEE-HELP that to defer payment until they are earning a minimum salary to be able to start making payments.


There are other Government assistance for low income students and students from rural and indigenous backgrounds. These include the Youth Allowance for youths between 16-24 years old, the AuStudy for older students about 25 years and AbStudy for Australians of Aboriginal origins.

Relocation Scholarships are available for those who need to move to remote Australian regions for their studies.

All above assistance is for tuition.

For textbooks and Course supplies, students can by second hand from cooperative bookstores and from websites like, and that offer text books.

One can also apply for scholarships from many sources. Scholarship information can be obtained from below websites.