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Arriving to your new College:

Arrival, Orientation, Accomodation, International Student Advisor, Beginning classes and more.

Now that you have succeeded and left your country for your new international college, you will board a plane and arrive to the new country to start your college career. This is a very exciting but also scary time because you never know what awaits you in the new country.

Most people arrive in the city where their college is located. Others may land in another city and travel by land to their college.

One thing you must remember is that you are in the country to attend college. There have been cases where prospective International students land in the new country and immediately ditch college to go do other things. This is a very unwise move because the immigration authorities will track you down, arrest you and deport you.

When you land at the airport, you will be subjected to a variety of security checks. They will check your bags, ask you where you are going, may ask to see your wallet and how much money you are carrying. These are normal security procedures. It's nothing personal against you, so remain calm and cooperate.

It would be advisable to have a host family or person you know pick you at the airport and drive you to your destination. If you have a host family, they will be standing outside the airport with a banner with your name written on it. So scan the area for people carrying banners and you may notice your name written on it.

Otherwise you can find a taxi and ask the taxi driver to drop you at the college. Try to get a valid marked taxi so that you don't get conned by people who are not legitimate taxi drivers. Taxis are usually marked with a crew number and have a light box and/or a large advertisement on their roof and are clearly marked Taxi.

If you don't have a host family or friend to pick you up at the airport, It is advisable to schedule your arrival on a weekday (Monday thru Friday) in the morning hours so the college is open when you arrive. Otherwise if you arrive on Saturday or Sunday, you may find the college offices closed and will have to spend the weekend in a Motel. Ask the taxi driver to take you to a Motel close to college.

When you arrive at College, find the International Students office. They will assist you to settle, find a College apartment or Dorm room and assist you with the registration process. They're usually very nice and efficient, so you will have no trouble.

Remember to ask them for information about other students from your country attending that College. . Someone from your country may help you a lot. If they can't provide you a name due to privacy concerns, ask them to give you the contacts for international students organizations in the college. You can find a lot of help here too.

Most colleges don't accept cash payments. Hence, ask the international students adviser to show you a nearby bank where you can open an account. You can make your initial payments with the temporary checks they provide, before they mail you the permanent checkbooks. Otherwise you can buy money orders to make payments with.

In the first few days after arriving in college, you will get oriented and shown around the college, register for your classes and then start classes depending on the time of the semester that you arrived.