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Are Traditional College Degrees worth it any more?

4 year colleges offer broad knowledge, 2 year colleges offer specialized training, , students often need specialized training.

In the recent years, the cost of attending college or university has been increasing every year and many young people are wondering if they can actually afford to obtain a college degree and if it is actually worth the effort.

There is a feeling by many young people that obtaining a Diploma is actually better than obtaining a Degree.

So what is the difference between a Diploma and a Degree. A Diploma is usually offered in a two year college and is aimed at training the student in a specific career path and vocation. This can be in health, science, technology and many other fields where a person can get a specialized job.

A Degreeon the other hand is focused on Academic knowledge and is not focused on a specific subject. They provide information of related disciplines in order to provide a more rounded knowledge base.

Degrees are also offered by 4 year colleges which are more expensive than the 2 year colleges that offer diploma programs.

So with the rise in specialized occupations, it is becoming less and less attractive to get a degree which will give you broad knowledge in many things, for more expense, as opposed to getting a specialized diploma you can use for your specialized career. And you get this for a cheaper price too.

This has led to the rise of community colleges and online colleges offering specialized diplomas and technical fields to help students get into more specialized careers in the modern age.

Traditional universities are also valuable because many students don't know what career they want to specialize in and will need time to explore many areas so they can know what they want.

Specialized careers like Medicine and Engineering also need people to have a degree and be exposed to many fields and this is offered in the traditional universities.