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International Students Application Process.

Now that you have decided to go abroad to study as an international student, you need to take the first step, the Application. This is where most prospective international students make mistakes due to lack of information.

Imagine the disappointment of spending your time and efforts by applying to your choice of college(s) abroad and then receiving a regret letter, or worse still no response at all?

This can be a common occurrence, but with the right information, you can greatly increase your chances of applying and getting accepted.

First you have to decide what course you would like to study in the university. Do you like Law, Engineering, Medicine, Journalism etc? With that in mind, you need to find and research colleges that offer those degree or certificate courses of interest.

Then you have to decide what colleges are suitable for you. In the United States, there are several types of colleges that cater for different needs. This does not mean that some colleges are better than the others. You can attend a less famous college and succeed more than people who attended famous universities. Anything is possible with the right tools.

There are the big National Universities like Harvard, MIT, Yale and Stanford that offer specialized education in Law, sciences and humanities. These are very competitive universities that admit only a small number of applicant per year.. They are also very expensive. So if you are among the top students in the world and have lot's of money or have a potential for amazing scholarships, you can apply here.

Then there are the State colleges and universities that are supported by the government and are less expensive. These are very good colleges and most people seeking 4-year degree and Graduate degreesattend State Colleges and Universities. For example, you can search for US colleges on by typing keywords such as "State colleges in Minnesota". Some State Colleges are more expensive than the others and offer different courses so please do the proper research pertaining to your goals.

Community and Technical colleges are another good option. They offer 2-year degrees on specialized occupations. It's possible depending on your course of study, that an occupational certificate or a degree from a community college may help you get a high paying job faster than a masters degree. This is because they teach specialized skills that are required in most jobs, while a masters degree emphasizes in managerial skills.

If interested, investigate Private colleges too. They offer good education but are usually very expensive.

You also need to know what colleges offer Financial Support and scholarships to international students. I have compiled a list of the schools that offer financial aid and/or scholarships Here.

After you have chosen your College, research their website and read the requirements for application. For Undergraduate International Students, most colleges require you to pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For Graduate Students, you will need to pass the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) in addition to TOEFL depending on what you like to study.

Passing grades vary for different colleges. These tests are taken in your home country usually at the American cultural center or at the consulate offices of the county you like to attend college in. Your grades will be sent directly to the university, so you should have a list of universities you want to attend before taking the tests.

After passing the tests, you then need to apply to the colleges you like. It is advisable to apply to several Colleges to increase your chances of admission. Most colleges today only allow online application, so you need to have access to the internet. This can be easily accessed in an internet cafe.