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Alcohol Drinking among students and colleges' policies to control Alcohol consumption.

College drinking is a severe problem for colleges and public health institutions. There are many factors that contribute to students' drinking behavior. These include social and demographic status of the student like their gender and economic status, their status in school like their place of residence, number years in their academic curricula as well as social life.

The social interactions of the students also determine the students drinking behavior. These interactions include drinking in groups, size of drinking group, gender composition of the group, day of the week and the social event leading to the drinking.

Colleges try to control consumption of alcohol by students by restricting alcohol availability, promoting campaigns against alcoholism and enforcement against drinking in college.

This multifaceted approach is helpful due to the many factors causing alcohol drinking in colleges and also the diverse student bodies that may not be affected in the same way by a certain policy.

Many colleges try to implement a comprehensive solution to college drinking to address as many levels of influences to college drinking as possible.

One way to solve the issue is to emphasize and educate students on healthy lifestyles. This will show the students the connection of their life choices today to their chances in future. Good choices today will help students have better chances tomorrow. For example if one becomes an alcoholic, this may affect their health in future causing them high medical costs and inability to work.

Students should be encouraged to have residence on-campus because colleges are better able to control drinking within their campuses as opposed to out of campus.

Within the campus, colleges are able to control drinking by educating students about the ill effects of alcohol, holding promotional events, restricting alcohol accessibility and implementing disciplinary actions for those caught drinking alcohol within their premises.

Studies have shown that first year male students are more likely to drink on campus. So many colleges focus on educating their first year students on the bad effects of alcohol.