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What is Agile Software ? Its Definition and Methods.

Divide project into parts and assign small groups. Programmers heavily collaborate with clients to produce highly responsive and quality software.

Agile Software is the name used to describe multiple and innovative methods used by software developers to implement project and also communicate with their clients who usually give the initial plan and provide feedback on the progress of the software project.

Agile Software development is an adaptive and incremental method of designing and developing software that seeks to become better than the traditional plan based and engineering based software design and development methods.

This method of developing software seeks to respond quickly to changes in user requirements, changes in environment and changes in project completion deadlines. The method relies on the core principles of collaboration, coordination and communication to vastly improve planning, design and implementation of software.

The traditional plan based software design methods follow the waterfall method where the development is completed in stages that include conception, initiation, implementation, verification and maintenance.

Agile software method changes all this by dividing the software project into smaller parts with each part being assigned to a small team who develop that part fully from inception, coding, testing and delivery of a working product. This method emphasizes close collaboration between the programmers and the client and this leads to higher quality software that meets the user's needs better.

A non-profit organization called the Agile Alliance was formed to promote agile development principles to as many software developers as possible. They also write books and journals to promote their new method of software development.