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How after-school programs teach Marketable job skills to high school students.

Including technical skills, interview skills, teamwork, creativity, good work ethic and communication.

Young people have huge difficulty getting into the job market. They therefore need opportunities to learn technical skills as well as to gain a work ethic to be able to meet the expectations of the workplace and other skills like oral and written communication, ability to solve problems and work in a team.

Some youths get internship and but for those who are unable to get paid internships, there are after hour programs that may give them this critical experience. These after hours programs help the youth get marketable skills by simulating the apprenticeship environment.

Each student is supposed to participate in this paid apprenticeship and is supervised by instructors who have expertise in the subject the student is learning. The student is expected to deliver some results in terms of deliverables like a product made, a Presentation, or a performance. These apprenticeships aim at providing the youth with some marketable skills.

Other benefits to the students include improving Academics and also reducing behavior problems for the participating youths as a result of not having lots of idle time to do bad things.

The students participants are able to learn interview skills and this gives them an improved chance to get a job.

They learn to communicate better with peers and other people. Better communication skills helps in peer collaboration, exchange of opinions, teamwork and leadership.

The students are taught what behaviors are expected in the work environment. How certain behaviors can benefit them and how others may not.

Many employers like to hire students who have a Professional Orientation where they encourage order and create an environment where things are delivered and finished in a timely manner. The students learn to take initiative, think creatively and take independent action to complete the tasks assigned. These students are taught to be more goal oriented too.

The students who have participated in volunteer work, and taken leadership roles in sports are made aware that these experiences are usable in work situations and therefore they should talk about them during the interview process.

Therefore students should look for After School Programs in their community as these offer valuable learning experiences for the students and give them many marketable job skills that they can present in an interview to get a job.