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College graduation Success and access to Financial Aid for African American Students.

Access to Financial Aid greatly improves college enrollment, persistence and retention for African American Students.

Access to financial aid is a vital indicator to admission and graduation of African American students in colleges.

A large number of African American undergraduate students (over 70%) receive Financial Aid and the perception that one may not get financial aid has a big effect to the enrollment and eventual graduation rates among African American college students.

Students having difficulties accessing financial aid had lower family connectedness, lower positive outlook for the future and higher conflicts with their partners. This is consistent to studies that shows that financial distress can lead to many psychological and behavioral issues among African American youth.

There is also a cultural stigma among African Americans from seeking help for psychological distress and therefore many students are hesitant to seek help for their financial issues and the resulting stress.

So many colleges especially the Historically Black Colleges try to offer financial aid to as many students as possible and also offer information about the options students have to obtain aid.