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Admission for International students.

The Admission process for international students is different for different colleges. However there are several things that are common for all colleges.

First, you have to Apply to the college. Currently, most college applications are done online.

A few colleges may require you to write an essay explaining your mission statement, why you chose their college and what your future goals are.

In such a case, It's advisable to state that you want to get skills in your chosen field and return to help your country. Don't give the indication that you want to remain in the united states, otherwise they may refuse to admit you.

After applying online, there are other documents you'll need to send to the college by Mail. You'll need to send your school transcripts from your former high school or college and also send proof of financial support from your sponsor, usually your parents, relatives or friends.

If you have a choice, insist that all mail between you and the college be sent through Fedex or UPSNormal Post office Mailings in the USA are reliable but they hand over the mail to the other country's Post Offices that may not be as reliable. You don't want to lose your admission letters in route because this can, and does happen..

After you send all the documents they need, you will wait a few months for the college to process your application. They will inform you by mail or email if they have approved your application for admission or not. If they admit you, they will send you a document called I-20. This is a document proving that you have been admitted to college. You will present this to the US embassy in your country while seeking visa to come to the United States.

They will also send you documents giving you more information about the college and how you will come there and start your studies successfully.

Admission to college is just the first step in your journey. There are many other things you need to do before you can actually succeed coming to the college you have been admitted to. This will include getting Visa, arranging for your finances, getting appropriate clothing and medical checkups, getting air transportation, Departure and Arrival to the US among other things.