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How to get US Green Card Fleeing from Gang Violence, especially from South and Central American Countries.

New rules to be more humanitarian may help people fleeing gang violence.

In the past, getting Asylum in the US for fear of Gang related violence in your home country was very difficult. However, recent changes in immigration policy is helping more and more people get asylum while fleeing gang violence.

The past assumption by policy makers was that all immigrants coming from South and Central America were economic immigrants looking for better opportunities in the US. However almost half of immigrants from Central America now come for fear of being killed by street gangs in their native countries.

Countries like Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Costa Rica and many other Central American countries are full of dangerous gangs who kill people indiscriminately. Children are also involved in these gangs, being recruited to steal, transport contraband, prostitution and sell illegal drugs.

Many asylum seekers are people who fear the gangs or have been victims of the gangs. You will find young men fleeing so as not to be recruited and even former gang members fleeing so they are not killed for deserting.

Previously, most of the applicants were denied because it was very difficult to prove that you were persecuted. Even when one proves that persecution has occurred, they had to prove that it was based on one of these criteria: race, nationality, religion, political opinion or social group. Gang violence usually qualified for none of these criteria.

However, recent changes in immigration laws to be more humanitarian has helped immigration lawyers argue that asylum seekers fleeing gang violence are able to fit in the category of people persecuted due to their political opinion and/or Social Group because they are opposed to the gangs that are trying to attack them.