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US colleges that give Financial aid to international students.

List of US colleges and University that offer financial aid to International students.

There are many colleges and universities in the US that an international student with average SAT scores can get admitted and also have a chance of getting financial aid.

As a first step, start searching for colleges that are need-blind for international students, this means they don't take your financial situation into account when looking at admitting you and will provide aid after picking you.

Any other college will toss your application out if you need aid and aren't an A student with a 2400 SAT Score As a rule of thumb, the colleges that are need-blind for international students are the top Ivy League colleges, small liberal arts colleges like Swarthmore. However these require very good SAT scores and they may also require SAT II too.

I would start with Land-grant Universities. Some of them (not all) are a bit easier to get into and also offer some financial aid to international students.

These six US universities offer full financial aid for International students and will not factor your lack of finances in your admission.

Amherst College
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Princeton University
Yale University

There are many other US universities that are Need-Aware when evaluating their application but also offer partial financial aid for international students. This means that when you are applying, you need to show that you are able to pay some college costs and if you need financial aid, some of them require that you indicate that in your application form. However some don't require you to apply for financial aid while applying for college and you can be eligible for financial aid once you are admitted.

Below colleges offer some financial aid for international students:

Barnard College
Bowdoin College
Brandeis College
Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Claremont McKenna College
College of the Holy Cross
Columbia University
Cooper Union College
Davidson College
Duke University
Emory University
Georgetown University
Grinnell College
Hamilton College
Haverford College
Harvey Mudd College
Johns Hopkins University
University of Texas at Austin
Middlebury College
Northwestern University
Notre Dame University
Olin College
Pomona College
Rice University
Stanford University
Swarthmore College
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania
University of Richmond
University of Rochester
University of Southern California
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College
Wellesley College
Williams College

Also see List of US College that offer financial aid for international students. You will have to research them on Google to see exactly what they offer.