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9 Steps students follow to successfully enroll in college.

Aspiration, Qualification, Talk to college counselor, Apply, get admitted, Enroll.

There are usually nine steps taken by most students who successfully enroll in college. Completion of each of these steps in succession usually brings success but there are sometimes when students fail to complete them and this creates a barrier or difficulty to their attaining their dream of successfully enrolling to a four year college.

These steps are as follows:

Aspiration to getting a Bachelors degree while in 10 th grade

At this stage in 10th grade, many high school students have some aspirations of getting to college and attaining a bachelors degree but they may not be completely sure. Students who are very sure about their grades have more aspirations to get to college as opposed to those who are not very sure.

Aspiration to getting a Bachelors degree while in 12 th grade

In 12th grade, many of the students who wanted to go to college while in 10th grade still have that aspiration. You need to be wanting to go to college at this stage so that you can complete the other steps necessary to get to college.

Attained the minimum qualifications for college admission

You need to attain at least the minimum qualifications in high school so you can be able to be admitted to college of your choice. Students whose grades are high enough to qualify for college have more aspirations to go to college than students with poor grades.

Attained Completed college entrance exams (SAT or ACT)

Students who took and completed their college entrance exams a lot more likely to have still have aspirations to go to college and more likely to enroll in college. They are also more likely to be admitted to the college they want.

Talking to college counselor

The other step towards enrolling to college include scheduling a meeting with a college counselor or representative to get information about the college. This includes things like college life, living conditions, majors and financial aid.

Submitting your college application

After talking to several college representatives and choosing the colleges you like, you then need to submit your application to the college. Include your high school grades, SAT/ACT and even a statement of intent and any other information that may help you get admitted to that college.

Submitting application for financial aid

If you intend to use financial aid like most students, you also need to apply for the financial aid early so that you are considered early before the funds are allocated

Admission to college

After applying to several colleges, you may be lucky to get admission to several of them. You will get an admission letter telling you that you have been admitted and what you need to do to enroll.

Enrolling to college

If you get several admissions, you can then choose what college you want to attend and then enroll to that college.