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10 ways to succeed in college (academics, life, finances).

Here are a 10 tips to help you succeed in your college life, academics and finances.

Credit and debit cards - if you are an incoming freshman, straight out of college, you may not have a credit card, or probably have a joint account with you parents. It's good to have a credit card to build your credit and use in case of emergencies, but be careful with it. Do not spend too much from your credit card and end up in huge debt which you will have problem paying off.

Paying for college - College is probably one of the most expensive things you will have to pay for in your life. However there are ways to go about it and avoid debt. You can try to get financial aid, which can cover up to half your college tuition, then apply for every scholarship you can find and also try to find a part time job to help pay for other things too.

Minimize freshman 15 - Freshman 15 an expression common in the united states and Canada to refer to the amount of weight gained by a student in their first year in college. If you are very slim and healthy, this may not be a problem. However it's good to watch your diet and avoid being overweight as this can result in many health issues. Find and use the college gym often and do some cardio workouts. You can also use an app called myfitnesspal to monitor the calories you consume every day. On average, one needs between 1500 to 2000 calories per day to avoid gaining weight. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks and soda will also help you not gain weight.

Note-taking - Make sure to attend all classes and take as many notes as possible. This will help you retain material faster because you are able to learn more when you write stuff down. You will also have something to reference in future so you don't have to rely on memory.

Girlfriends and Boyfriends - College is a nice place to meet new people and you will have many opportunities to do that. You can even get a girlfriend or boyfriend there. However you must remember that you went to college to study. So if you are not successful finding a relationship, don't worry about it. You will have plenty of chances in the future.

Dorm living - If you plan on living in campus housing like most students do, try to bring things that will help you in your studies. You can bring a small TV, small fridge, laptop of PC and other necessities. Don't clutter your room with unnecessary things that will be a distraction.

If you enjoy watching TV and movies, you can get a Netflix or hulu account. There is almost an unlimited amount of TV shows and movies there. However you should also think about investing in some wireless headphones, or a long cable for your current headphones so you can watch them comfortably from a distance away from your computer monitor.

You can also buy a cheap beaming device like Chromecast or Amazon stick. They will beam the TV shows from your computer to your TV.

You should bring a good Backpack instead of a messenger bag. You will have some classes where you will need to bring your heavy textbooks to class every session, and carrying those on a messenger bag can be painful/bad for your back.

Take advantage of your school's health center and counseling services. See what they have in the way of support groups. Some colleges offer support groups every semester for a variety of things, including weight loss, depression and other life challenges. You can get free counseling there, free doctor's appointments to get prescriptions at a very cheap price.

When preparing for exams search YouTube for relevant video tutorials, as well as reading your books and class notes. There are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube for almost any topic. another place to look is

Clothing - You can get inexpensive clothing on Thift stores, especially for jeans. Guys seem to have an easier time with shirts because guy's fashions don't fluctuate as rapidly as women's.